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Using your Unix Control Panel



Adding a Subdomain

To demonstrate how to add a subdomain we will walk you through the process as though we were creating the subdomain: sub.domain.com
  1. In a ftp program create a folder in your webspace that will be the root folder of our new subdomain. For our demo we will create a folder called sub.
  2. In control panel click "add subdomain".
  3. The next page has a form with 2 boxes on it, The top box is fo the HostName, enter in the whole subdomain address: So for our demo we will enter in sub.domain.com
  4. In the bottom box, Directory Path, first put in a slash (/) then put in the name of the folder that you created in step one. So for our demo we will put in /sub, then click submit
  5. After you have completed this step, you should send an email to support noting your new subdomain so that it may be added to the server DNS.

After your subdomain is active, if you try it and get a permission error saying you can not access / that means it is working but you dont have a default document in your root folder of your subdomain.

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Adding A User

The following instructions detail how to add a user to your web hosting account in Control Panel:
  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. Click on "Add User" at the top in the black table.
  3. FullName: Enter the Users Full Name
  4. Login Name: This is the username on the system (also the POP3 Mail Account)
  5. Password: The User's Password (For mail / ftp / ssh)
  6. Disk Space: Amount of disk space this user is allowed to use (cannot be more than what you allocated during creation of this particular site.)
  7. Sub-web folder - the sub-folder (if any) of the website that this user can edit
  8. Remote Access - Choose what kind of remote access you would like this user to have to the system
  9. Site Administrator - Check if you would like this user to be the one who can edit the sites web directory contents. You should only have ONE admin user for your account and the admin user is created by eHostOne
  10. Click Submit to commit the changes and add the user to the system.
  11. To check your email anytime on the web simply use the following link by replacing yourdomain.com with your actual domain name: http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail/
  12. Note: For all users you create, the format for logging in to mail and ftp is user@yourdomain.com. The primary admin user does not need the @yourdomain.com to login.



Deleting A User

The following instructions detail how to delete a user from your web hosting account in Control Panel:
  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. Click on the site you would like to add a user to from the View Sites Area.
  3. Click "delete" next to the user you would like to delete.



Email Administration

Adding a POP3 Account

  1. See Adding A User ( A user is a POP3 account and vice versa ).
Adding Email Aliases
  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. After you have added a POP3/User account, click on "View Sites".
  3. Select the site you would like to setup email for by clicking on the hostname.
  4. Click on the [Mail] next to the account you would like to setup aliases for.
  5. Enter the aliases you would like to associate with this account for the domain listed.
    Note: ONE ALIAS PER LINE -- for example:
  6. If you would like to forward the email to this user/aliases enter an address to forward to - In the Forward-Email-To Dialog box.
  7. If you would like this account to receive ALL email for this domain (other than the ones already configured to other users for this domain) select Make this Account the Catch-all...Now this account will receive any emails not configured (ie djhdlkjhdkjhd@domain.com).
  8. Click "Update Email" to commit the changes to the system. Note: Do NOT add email aliases identical to the user name. This is not needed and it causes email replication.



Web Stats

To view stats for your website, you can go to www.domain.com/stats or you can login to your server via http://IP Address/admin and click "View Sites" and then click on "Stats" next to the domain you wish to see stats for.



Path to Perl

The paths to Perl and Sendmail are as follows:
path to perl: /usr/bin/perl

path to sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail



Physical Path to Your Web Site

If you need to set the physical path for your site then you are able to do so with the following:



If you use frontpage, your password will be the one you chose when you ordered and your username is 'webmaster'.

When you finish adding the site, you can open the web via the domain name you added (assuming the DNS has already been propogated) and type in "webmaster" as the username, and the password you supplied. Please note, do not use the ""'s when typing webmaster.




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